Anita Smith, M.D.
I completed residency at Emory University and am Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. I've worked in a variety of areas of medicine from obstetrics to intensive care, in both inpatient and in outpatient settings. Time has demonstrated that good health is the direct result of a partnership between a patient and their physician. Vitally important to that relationship is the level of engagement, discipline, and commitment individual patients have to getting on top of their condition. It's been very gratifying over the years to work with so many patients who achieved their health goals.

  Hospital Affiliations
Piedmont Hospital

Interests Outside of Work

More than anything I enjoy spending time with my husband and son. We enjoy going to parks, water slides, and travel. Although we're currently dogless, we're huge dog lovers and were a "forever home" to two German Shorthaired Pointer rescues. We're also huge football fans!
About Vinings Medical Center
Vinings Medical Center was founded in 1987 and is the longest standing private medical practice in Vinings. We make a concerted effort to create a comfortable environment and operate the practice in a friendly manner. We do our best to stay on-time; however, unforeseen circumstances do occur occasionally which cause us to run slightly late. Most of our patients can see us without a major disruption in their work day. We genuinely try to make coming in for a visit as easy as possible. 
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